Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Labor Day at the Cabin

September 3-6th

We were all so excited about having you up to the cabin on Labor Day.  There were so many people who were excited to meet you and see you again.  We had a fun weekend of walks, boat rides, dinners and just hanging out with family!

You took some great naps with Grammy and Grampy that weekend!

I just loved the morning time with you.  When you would wake up your mom or dad would bring you upstairs to where I was sleeping in the loft so I could have your awake time with you cuddled in my bed.  You were so cute and fun to watch.  Here is a little video I took of you with Grampy on one morning at the lake over Labor Day weekend.

You also got to meet Lindsay, Jason and Addie Vaughn on Labor day weekend.

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