Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tracy & Will's Baptism and Noni's 94th Birthday

A very special day was the day that you and your mom were baptized at the same time.  Your Grandma Lindy was so proud to be able to baptize her grandson and daughter-in-law.  You did such a great job at the baptism!  You were sleeping for part of it, but just when Grandma Lindy was showing you to the Church community you woke up and looked so cute looking at everyone.  There were a lot of people in town for this baptism because it was also your Great Grandma Noni's 94th Birthday.  It was a really fun family filled weekend!

Aunt Alyssa and I are your Sponsors.  This means that we agreed to spend time with you throughout our life helping you to be the best person that you can be.  Along the way I hope that you learn how much that God loves you and how Jesus wants to have a relationship with you so He can love you and watch over you every day!

You and Great Grandma Noni on her 94th Birthday September 11, 2010

Here are some photos of the baptism...

Here are some pictures of Noni's 94th birthday...

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  1. Hi, Will, it’s me again, Auntie Lyssa. I was one of your sponsers at your baptism, and it was a real honor for me to be chosen for that, along with Aunt Molly. We were so proud to stand up for you, and promise to love and protect you, no matter what. It was a beautiful service, your grandma Lindy did a great job with that. There was beautiful music, and your whole family was there to see you and your mom get baptized. You didn’t cry at all when your grandma Lindy took you and walked your around the church to show you off to all her friends (I think you kind of enjoyed all the attention.) Your mom did a great job too. Then it was off to the party! We had a big party at grandma Lindy and grampa John’s house afterwards, and everyone came and had a great time. We got to go out on the boat to Wayzata to pick some people up. You loved it! Then we all went back to grandma and grampa’s house for food and fun and presents! What a wonderful day.

    Love, your auntie Alyssa