Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 3


It only took you about three weeks to start wanting to hold your head up.  Up to this point I called you a little Monkey because your arms and legs were so long.  Whenever your mom would try to burp you your arms looked just like a little monkey...it was too cute!

But, by week three I started calling you a little Turtle because whenever you were up by someones's shoulder you already started lifting your head up and bobbling it around a bit.  We already knew you were going to be a tough guy and very strong!

Aunt Jill also came into town to visit.  You took your first boat ride out on Lake Minnetonka when she was visiting.  We knew it wouldn't take long for you to get out on that lake!

Here are some more photos of you when you were 3 weeks old!

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  1. I will always remember meeting you for the very first time Will! I couldn't wait to get to Minnesota to see you, and to see your mom and dad as parents! It was so amazing to see your mom care for you... she was a real natural from the get-go. The best part was seeing you look up to her and make little smile-like faces. I am SURE they were real smiles of joy. I got to see your new room in your new house in your new town. Your mom and I got some good time to catch up too and just watch over you. I loved getting to hold you while you slept on my chest. You were so sweet and tiny! We took you on your first boat ride and you loved going very fast. The engine was roaring and the wind was blowing and you were at peace. We got to walk around the neighborhood and get ice cream. We got pizza one night and drank wine while you cuddled and napped and watched what was happening all around you. I hated to go because I had so much fun spending time with you Will, and with your parents Tracy and Ty. I didn't want to leave because I loved being a part of this new journey with your mom, and because I knew you'd be growing up so fast. I was lucky to get to see you two more times in the next few weeks and I really can't wait for all the fun times we'll have together in the future! I love you Will very much! xoxo Aunt Jill