Friday, October 29, 2010

Out to Colorado for 2 Weeks!

When you were only about 8 weeks old you went on your first road trip to Colorado with your Mom, Grammy and Grampy.  I know your Dad was really sad when you took off in the car for your first road trip out to Colorado.  We knew that you were going to see your dad in about a week but everyone was still a little sad.  Grampy called me and told me "Will really likes South Dakota!"  We didn't know how you would do sitting in your car seat for 2 days on a 20 hour road trip, but everyone says you did GREAT!

I know that I desperatly missed you that week that you were out in Colorado, but I knew how much fun you were having.  Your Mom took you on hikes, walks with Grammy and Grampy and you did a lot of fun things out in Aspen.  I know you also went to visit James Connolley too.

The most exciting thing about your trip to Colorado was that you learned how to roll over.  I couldn't believe it until I saw it. So, here it of your first few times rolling over!

    Here are more pictures of you when you were in Colorado in October 2010

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