Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meeting More of the Family

October 2-4

This weekend Betsy Eklund got married which meant that a lot of our extended family came into town and met you for the first time! Aunt Katie was in town from Pennsylvania and she immediatly fell in love with you the second she met you. She did a great job taking a lot of pictures of you! Here is an album of pictures Aunt Katie took this weekend.

Great Aunt Debbie and Uncle Zack were in town and met you for the first time too. Everyone loved you and we really just sat around watching you. Here is a little video of all of us watchiing you as you played on my couch and we just smiled at you.

You also go to spend some special time with Aunt Alyssa as she babysat as your mom and dad went to a family wedding.  We also had a brunch over at my house and took a lot of pictures (if you can imagine that!)

Here are some family photos of the weekend.

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