Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

For your first Halloween you were a PUMPKIN!  You were the cutest pumpkin I'd ever seen!  You didn't love your costume, but once we got it on, you didn't seem to mind to much.  Your Grandma Lindy made you this pumpkin outfit.  She is so creative and I'm sure she'll be making you your halloween costumes for many years to come.

We did have to laugh a little as the green nose on your pumpkin was a little bit awkward because of where it was when you were in costume :)

Here are some great photos from Halloween 2010.

Your mom and dad dressed up for Halloween too. They were Chilean miners.  They dressed up in this costume because about two weeks ago the world was watching as 32 miners that had been trapped for 90 days in a mine a mile below the ground were rescued.

Here is a picture of me in my costume....I was a Google Doc...I'll explain some day! 

Here is a cute photo of you with Hazel Moore and when you weren't very happy about being in your costume.   I love this picture!

Now you liked your costume a little bit more!

Happy Halloween sweetie!

A few fun photos

October 2010

Here are  few fun photos of some of the great times you and your mom had at home together.  This is my favorite photo of you ever!

Sitting up in your Bumbo Seat

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Shoot with Auntie Mops

On October 21st I got to spend a day with you while your mom was out and about.  We had so much fun and I just had to take some photos of you in your most adorable outfit.  I got this shirt for you because  I knew how adorable you would look...very handsom!

Here are a few pictures and videos from our day!  You rolled over for me to....greatest trick!

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 25, 2010

Wow how time flies!  You are about 11 weeks old and this week was the first week you started going to Tiny Acorns "school."  Your mom was going to start transitioning back into work in about a week so you did a few practice days at your new school.  I know your mom was really sad about leaving you, but you did a great job and met a lot of new friends.

You also just love "reading" your Baby Read book.  You do a great job reading by looking at the page on the left and then going to the page on the right.  I'm so impressed!

While you and your mom would play at home, she would send me some updates on what you were up to.  I just loved this picture of you sitting up in your Bumbo chair.

October 28, 2010                                      October 23, 2010

Out to Colorado for 2 Weeks!

When you were only about 8 weeks old you went on your first road trip to Colorado with your Mom, Grammy and Grampy.  I know your Dad was really sad when you took off in the car for your first road trip out to Colorado.  We knew that you were going to see your dad in about a week but everyone was still a little sad.  Grampy called me and told me "Will really likes South Dakota!"  We didn't know how you would do sitting in your car seat for 2 days on a 20 hour road trip, but everyone says you did GREAT!

I know that I desperatly missed you that week that you were out in Colorado, but I knew how much fun you were having.  Your Mom took you on hikes, walks with Grammy and Grampy and you did a lot of fun things out in Aspen.  I know you also went to visit James Connolley too.

The most exciting thing about your trip to Colorado was that you learned how to roll over.  I couldn't believe it until I saw it. So, here it of your first few times rolling over!

    Here are more pictures of you when you were in Colorado in October 2010

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Meeting More of the Family

    October 2-4

    This weekend Betsy Eklund got married which meant that a lot of our extended family came into town and met you for the first time! Aunt Katie was in town from Pennsylvania and she immediatly fell in love with you the second she met you. She did a great job taking a lot of pictures of you! Here is an album of pictures Aunt Katie took this weekend.

    Great Aunt Debbie and Uncle Zack were in town and met you for the first time too. Everyone loved you and we really just sat around watching you. Here is a little video of all of us watchiing you as you played on my couch and we just smiled at you.

    You also go to spend some special time with Aunt Alyssa as she babysat as your mom and dad went to a family wedding.  We also had a brunch over at my house and took a lot of pictures (if you can imagine that!)

    Here are some family photos of the weekend.

    Fall in Minnesota

    Fall 2010 was beautiful! Your mom and dad had a fun time taking you on lots of walks in all of your different strollers. You love going on walks even though you usually fall asleep. Here are a few pictures of Fall in MN and a visit to Auntie Mops house.

    Your First Plane, Train, Bus and trip to Colorado

    September 17-19
    You were only a few weeks old, but Nan was getting married out in Aspen so your mom, dad, Grammy and Auntie Mops decided we couldn't miss it and headed out to Aspen. It was your first experience traveling and being in Colorado.
    First plane ride from Minneapolis to Denver September 2010. 5 Weeks old

    We had a beautiful fall weekend in Aspen. Aunt Jill and Uncle Sam were there too.

    Here is a picture of Nan in her beautiful wedding dress!

    You did a great job traveling and really seemed to like the plane, trains and busses that we were in. It was a beautiful fall weekend in Aspen and we all had fun showing you around! The fall leaves were changing and the weather was perfect.

    Your mom and dad carried you all over town so that you didn't miss a thing!

    This trip you also got to meet James Connelley, Ashley and Mike's son. He was born 4 days after you. Your mom and Ashley wore you and James in your baby Bjorns and you loved it!

    You did a great job at Nan's wedding and it was so much fun to have you there and to meet all of your mom's friends from Aspen. Here is a sweet picture of you and Maggie.
    Grammy and Auntie Mops were there to help whenever your mom and dad needed it or if they wanted to get on a quick hike.
    Auntie Mops

    Grammy and Will
    Here are some of our favorite pictures of the trip!

    And, of course there are more photos from the are the rest of the pictures from your first trip to Aspen in September 2010!

    Tracy & Will's Baptism and Noni's 94th Birthday

    A very special day was the day that you and your mom were baptized at the same time.  Your Grandma Lindy was so proud to be able to baptize her grandson and daughter-in-law.  You did such a great job at the baptism!  You were sleeping for part of it, but just when Grandma Lindy was showing you to the Church community you woke up and looked so cute looking at everyone.  There were a lot of people in town for this baptism because it was also your Great Grandma Noni's 94th Birthday.  It was a really fun family filled weekend!

    Aunt Alyssa and I are your Sponsors.  This means that we agreed to spend time with you throughout our life helping you to be the best person that you can be.  Along the way I hope that you learn how much that God loves you and how Jesus wants to have a relationship with you so He can love you and watch over you every day!

    You and Great Grandma Noni on her 94th Birthday September 11, 2010

    Here are some photos of the baptism...

    Here are some pictures of Noni's 94th birthday...

    Labor Day at the Cabin

    September 3-6th

    We were all so excited about having you up to the cabin on Labor Day.  There were so many people who were excited to meet you and see you again.  We had a fun weekend of walks, boat rides, dinners and just hanging out with family!

    You took some great naps with Grammy and Grampy that weekend!

    I just loved the morning time with you.  When you would wake up your mom or dad would bring you upstairs to where I was sleeping in the loft so I could have your awake time with you cuddled in my bed.  You were so cute and fun to watch.  Here is a little video I took of you with Grampy on one morning at the lake over Labor Day weekend.

    You also got to meet Lindsay, Jason and Addie Vaughn on Labor day weekend.