Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

For your first Halloween you were a PUMPKIN!  You were the cutest pumpkin I'd ever seen!  You didn't love your costume, but once we got it on, you didn't seem to mind to much.  Your Grandma Lindy made you this pumpkin outfit.  She is so creative and I'm sure she'll be making you your halloween costumes for many years to come.

We did have to laugh a little as the green nose on your pumpkin was a little bit awkward because of where it was when you were in costume :)

Here are some great photos from Halloween 2010.

Your mom and dad dressed up for Halloween too. They were Chilean miners.  They dressed up in this costume because about two weeks ago the world was watching as 32 miners that had been trapped for 90 days in a mine a mile below the ground were rescued.

Here is a picture of me in my costume....I was a Google Doc...I'll explain some day! 

Here is a cute photo of you with Hazel Moore and when you weren't very happy about being in your costume.   I love this picture!

Now you liked your costume a little bit more!

Happy Halloween sweetie!

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