Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

You were quite a trooper this weekend as there were a lot of events that you came to.  Everyone loved having you around for the weekend!  Here are some pictures from all the events.

First, Grammy and Grampy had the chance to babysit this week as your mom had conferences and your dad was hard at work.

Bath Time!  Grammy and Grampy also gave you a bath...

It was your first time meeting Jenny and Eric.  They made a special visit out to meet you.  You and aunt Jenny were matching!  Aunt Annie came out to visit too!

Your mom and I also had fun watching you "walk" a little when you were at Auntie Mops house for a little holiday baking.

We spent most of Thanksgiving at the Carpenter's house and everyone loved seeing you.

We had a Norwegian/Mexican party at Auntie Mops house and you got to see Aunt Laura again after she got back from Norway.  Aunt Laura saw you on the day after you were born and then she left for Norway for a semester of college.  She was so surprised with how big you had gotten!


  1. Will you are the most fun to play with!! One of the first times I met you we took a boat ride from Wayzata to the Purdy's after your baptism. You just loved being in the boat! I have no doubt that you will love water sports! I'm sure you'll enjoy being up at the cabin this summer :) I can't wait to play with you at the cabin and teach you all of our favorite games like Statue-Maker! I'm looking forward to babysitting you and having fun together, Will!

    Love you lots,
    Aunt Annie

  2. Will!

    Since Eric and I live in California, we were some of the last to meet you! And we couldn't wait!

    Even though you had to deal with what seemed like hundreds of relatives over thanksgiving, you were so much fun to play with. 'Walking', laughing, drooling....

    We are so excited that you are here!

    And, of course, you have an impeccable sense of style. Navy and white stripes were SO in for fall 2010!

    We love you!


    Aunt Jenny and Uncle Eric

  3. Thanksgiving at the Carpenter house always includes writing down three things we are thankful for this year.... "Will" was at the top of EVERYBODY"S list! I am so glad you got to spend your first Thanksgiving at Aunt Shelley and Uncle Kyle's house. You will always be welcome at our home, Will, because we love you very much. We can't wait to share all of life's joys and journeys with you. Aunt Shelley and Uncle Kyle

  4. P.S. Will... you sure have A LOT of "Aunts" and " Uncles"!

  5. We are all thankful for you! Maybe next year you'll be eating some turkey and the fixins with us!
    Auntie Katie